About Us

ChildProofApps.com was started to simply spread awareness and help guide parents to the right tools.

This all started with a Church Sermon at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin Texas, it made me "wake up" and realize that while I take steps to protect my credit card, bank cards, ID and such online I have done very little to protect my children.

I have 20 years of experience in the I.T. Industry with 15 being in I.T Management, I felt a tug on my heart to provide information in a format that would be easy to follow for any parent whether they are technical or not.

In my research I came across the Qustodio app which works across multiple platforms.

As of March 2017 it is the app I recommend, I am in contact with the company which is located in Spain. I report bugs and they have been very responsive so I am happy to recommend them to you today!

You can subscribe to my Youtube channel "ipedregon" and comment there. I can not deal with solicitor volume so I am not posting an e-mail contact at this time.

God Bless You I hope this site is very helpful to you and your family!