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Chikubukai is a martial arts organisation for keeping the arts of the late Shogo Kuniba and transferring them to the next generation. Shogo Kuniba was creator of four martial art systems and was the first Soke of his style in the USA. Currently, William H. Price is the second Soke of the style based on the Kuniba testament before his death due to cancer. He was one of the closest  men  to Kuniba and  was with Kuniba until Kuniba's death.


Chikubukai Europe President, Kyoshi Johan Backteman, talks.

Chiku means Bamboo, bu martial and Kai association in Japanese, and Chikubukai is Association of Bamboo Warrior. Shogo Kuniba believed that a Budoka should be like a Bamboo, flexible but strong and light but hard. This is the reason that Bamboo or Chiku is the symbol of this martial arts organisation.

Chikubukai Europe is the European branch of this Martial Arts organisation and headed by Kyoshi Johan Backteman. The structure of the Chikubukai Europe is the same with the  headquarters in the USA, and its members can practice and learn the four arts of Kuniba up to high levels. It is also responsible for the  activities involving Asia and Middle East, for affiliation, education, and promotions. All activities in Chikubukai Europe  are discussed with Soke William H. Price directly through Kyoshi Johan Bakcteman for getting advice and important decisions. 


Chikubukai Europe Budo Promotion video