Principal's Message

My name is Owen Morris and I will be your principal at Chief Taylor Elementary for another school year.

I hope you all had a great summer. My family and I traveled to Vancouver Island in August. We were fortunate enough to see a grizzly bear eating grass by the side of the road in Jasper. It was wonderful to be able to travel without any restrictions and we hope this school year also sees a return to normal. We will remain vigilant, however, should covid19 numbers rise again. Take care of one another and I hope to see you in the school sometime.

Box 190

Onion Lake Saskatchewan


TEL: (306)344-4530

FAX: (306)344-4440

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Vice Principal's Message

Tansi nitotemitik 

Niya nitsikason Iris Dillon. I am the Vice Principal at Chief Taylor School that houses grades 2-5. I am excited for another school year, to see the children back at school

after ups and downs for the past few years due to covid. I am hoping that we will have a normal school year and encourage parents to send their child to school. With that stay safe and take care!





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