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Blog Links

Receive Backlinks by Leaving Useful, Interesting Blog Comments

Blogs are another excellent source of traffic to your site. You can receive a nifty, targeted link to your site by leaving a comment to a blog post (if the blog comments are not "no followed". When leaving a comment, it is important to leave the URL of your site. Most blogs will instruct users to leave the URL of their site on the comment (leaving a link back to your site). Try Google's Blog Search to find some relevant blogs about your topic and get posting! Just like forums, you want to avoid spam and offer an honest opinion about the post. Be a worthy contributor and you'll get further.

You can also ask a Blogger to blog about your site. Depending on the Alexa/PageRank of the site, this can be very effective. The downside of this is that the post may become buried under other posts.

Article Marketing

Drive traffic and gain backlinks with relevant articles

Article marketing isn't anything new. It's one of the oldest SEO strategies there is, and it's still effective to this day. Article marketing works for a few reasons.

  1. You will drive traffic to your website by includes your URL at the bottom of the page in the resource box. Articles usually allow 1-2 links to your own website. This can increase your traffic if you write about topics that would interest your readers.

  2. Articles are a great way to increase backlinks to your website. Not only will traffic be headed to your website, but the article will count as another valuable link headed towards your site. Over time, this can raise the authority of your website with search engines.

  3. Last, and most importantly, all articles you publish on sites like EzineArticles have the chance to be republished by thousands of other sites. By posting your article on article websites like Ezine, Buzzle, and ArticlesBase, you are allowing other websites to republish your work, as long as they include a link to your website. This can lead to many inbound links from various websites, potentially hundreds or thousands if the article is valuable enough.

Driving Traffic to your Site

A guide that will help you with your search engine marketing strategies

Getting your site indexed is the most fundamental, yet one of the most challenging, aspects to search engine marketing. Search Engine Marketing Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site is a detailed and comprehensive guide through the pitfalls and opportunities of this complicated subject.

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