Chicago Paranormal and Supernatural Meet and Greet 2018

Fundraiser for the Louis L. Valentine Chicago Boys & Girls Club - Saturday September 15th. 12pm - 5pm

Haunted Location - Paranormal Teams - Psychics and the Supernatural - Authors - Speakers - Haunted House Owners and more for this Chicago Event.

Free to the General Public

Edward Shanahan - event coordinator.

Free for the general public to attend.

Just a small portion of the 44,000 sq Ft. haunted Chicago location. The building is like a three level maze.

The Chicago Paranormal and Supernatural Meet and Greet 2018 Fundraiser for the Chicago Boys and Girls Club will be held here on Saturday September 15th from 12pm - 5pm.

Chicago's Largest Haunted Location that the whole 44,000 sq Ft; building can be explored is the Louis L. Valentine Chicago Boys and Girls Club. This historic building is located in the Historic Chicago Bridgeport Neighborhood.

This will be free to the general public to attend. The last one held in the Chicagoland area by the event coordinator Edward Shanahan, was at a smaller venue and still drew 250 people.

There may be a Special after closing paranormal experience offered. See below for details.

Located at: 3400 S. Emerald, Chicago, IL 60616. This is west of the Chicago White Sox baseball field and north of 35th St

The photo above is the huge room that all tables will be set-up in.

Paranormal Teams, Authors, Reiki Masters, UFO's Specialists, Vendors, Spiritual Shops, Halloween Haunted Houses, this fundraiser event is open to most who fall under the Paranormal, Supernatural, Spiritual and those fields that would be of interest to those who would visit such events.

Psychic Readers, there are 3 who will be doing readings for the general public for the 5 hours. Psychic Readers can set-up a table to pass out cards or sell stones, books etc, but readings are limited to the 3 already booked.

There will be a separate room with a stage, seating for the Speakers. If interested in speaking, contact be email below.

There is a large private area for Paranormal Workshops for Paranormal Teams, Equipment Demonstrations etc. It is a room with one wall being of mirrors.

The donation fee to have a table space, is only $20 per table and paid to the Boys and Girls Club the day of the event and you will be given a Donation Receipt from the club for the full donation. Bring your own table and if you have a chair(s), bring that. There is no cost for individuals.

  • Plus you will be allowed to roam this huge location, basement included. The building is like a maze.

Reserve your spot (amount of table spaces), or ask questions, just email Edward Shanahan below.

This is the stage and large area for speakers.

This is just one of the rooms in the basement to explore.

One of the Hallways in the basement.

This is the private mirror room for the paranormal workshops.

Come out and enjoy this event at this one of a kind haunted location for a fundraiser for the kids and a fun day for all. Meet new people, let the general public know who you are, sell some stuff if you have it, explore and more. Your donation for table space is just that and your donation is not going to anyone else.

Email the Event Coordinator Edward Shanahan to reserve your table space(s) or ask questions, at:

Psychic Readings will be $2 per minute and a choice of 10 or 20 minute Readings. The Readers will be Annette doing Tarot and Past Lives. Sara doing Tarot. Edward Shanahan doing Palm and One on One Psychometry.

If there is an interest with the general public, Edward Shanahan will perform his Circle of Energy Seance in the Mirror Room after the event. This will be limited with the amount of people (general public), sitting at the seance table and a fee of only $20 per person at the table (non-donation). Those who donated for table space during the Meet and Greet, will be allowed to sit-in the gallery area. Paranormal teams may record and do EVP's during this session.

Edward Shanahan is the author of two Paranormal / Spiritual Books and written about in four other authors paranormal books. He has been doing public readings since 2000 and has been a Paranormal Host for the general public since 2000. He has discovered haunted locations and brought to them to the public and paranormal fields attention and this building is one of them.

Edward Shanahan's web site: Edward Shanahan