Code of Conduct

Preventative Measures

The Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity seeks to ensure a safe environment in every circumstance and is committed to the active prevention of sexual misconduct. We aim to make our events both safe and enjoyable for all guests and adhere to the following policies to further these goals:

  • Events held in our house are only permitted when no fewer than three (3) designated Members and/or Officers of the Chapter are present, sober, and on-call for the duration. If any guest experiences or witnesses any behavior perceived as inappropriate or unacceptable, the Members on call will be available and prepared to assist.
  • All Members of the Chapter have the responsibility to ensure that the event is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Guests are encouraged to inform any Members of questionable conduct or behavior. If guests feel in any way threatened, uncomfortable, or unsafe, approach any Member and he will direct you to the appropriate on-call contact, or you should contact one of the offices listed below under “Other Resources.”
  • All Members who suspect or witness any individual in attendance of posing a threat to others or acting in an inappropriate manner have the right and responsibility to ensure that individual leaves the premises and that their actions are reported.

Internal Accountability

The Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity will not tolerate cases of sexual misconduct, and as such, has specific disciplinary procedures for these cases.

  • It is an expectation of the Members of our Chapter that in all cases of suspected sexual misconduct, they will both intervene and report the incident to the President and Director of Loss Prevention.
  • Any individual suspected or accused of sexual misconduct will be immediately placed on indefinite suspension while the incident is investigated. In such an instance, all rights accorded to a Member of the Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity will be removed, including, but not limited to, involvement in our own events, and the events of any other Greek organization. Should the individual live in the Chapter House, the Chapter will request that he vacate the premises until a verdict is reached. If the request is refused, the Chapter will pursue any legal action within our rights to pursue eviction.
  • Cases brought to the attention of the President and Director of Loss Prevention will be directed to the Judicial Review Board for arbitration. Upon reaching a verdict, the indefinite suspension will be revoked and the arbitrated punishment will be put into effect in accordance with the Bylaws of the Chapter. If the individual is found guilty, necessary steps will be enacted to pursue expulsion under the Bylaws of Delta Upsilon International Fraternity.
  • Any investigation and subsequent verdicts by the University of Chicago or a legal authority will take precedence over Judicial Review Board action. A not-guilty verdict in such a case is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for reinstatement. In this instance, the Judicial Review Board will recommend the President hand out the punishment associated with the ruling they come to, or recommend the Chapter pursue such a punishment through a majority vote.

Title IV. of the University’s Policy on Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct encompasses a range of conduct, from sexual assault (a criminal act that the U.S. Department of Education defines as sexual harassment) to conduct such as unwanted touching or persistent unwelcome comments, e-mails, or pictures of an insulting or degrading sexual nature, which may constitute unlawful harassment, depending upon the specific circumstances and context in which the conduct occurs. For example, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or sexually-directed remarks or behavior constitute sexual harassment when (i) submission to or rejection of such conduct is made, explicitly or implicitly, a basis for an academic or employment decision, or a term or condition of either; or (ii) such conduct directed against an individual persists despite its rejection.

Loss Prevention Team

Jack Potrykus, President: (847) 337-7276

Josh Zalkowitz, Vice President: (646) 640-6526

Luc Schreiber, Director of Loss Prevention: (202) 361-0972

Other Resources

University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD): (773) 702-8181

Sexual Assault Dean-on-Call: (773) 834-4357

Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP): (773) 834-7738

Shea Wolfe, deputy Title IX coordinator for students and associate dean of students in the University: (773) 702-0438

Jeremy Inabinet, associate dean of students in the University for disciplinary affairs: (773) 834-4837

Bridget Collier, associate provost and director, Office for Equal Opportunity Programs; Title IX coordinator for the University: (773) 702-5671

Elizabeth Honig, assistant director, Office for Equal Opportunity Programs: (773) 702-4913

The Chicago Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity is a signatory of Fraternities Committed to Safety at the University of Chicago.

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