PTA Board & Positions

Executive Board


The PTA President shall preside at all meetings, perform such duties as may be prescribed in the bylaws or assigned by the association, be a member of all committees except nominating committee. The president must submit local unit officers’ form and verification of the local unit’s employer identification number to the state office immediately upon election of officers and no later than June 15. The president shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the association in order that the purposes may be promoted.

1st & 2nd Vice Presidents

The 1st and 2nd VP’s shall act as aides to the president and in their designated order, perform the duties of the president in the absence or inability of that officer to act. The 1st vice-president shall be responsible for curriculum enrichment and the 2nd vice-president shall be responsible for business partnerships and they must perform other delegated duties as assigned.


The PTA Secretary is responsible for attending all PTA Board meetings and record the minutes of all meetings of the association. They must keep the official copy of the local unit’s bylaws in his/her files. They shall maintain a membership list as required by VA PTA and perform other delegated duties as assigned.


The Treasurer must have custody of all of the funds of the association, keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; make disbursements as authorized by the president, executive board or association in accordance with the budget adopted. On December 1st, the treasurer must remit to VA PTA state office and National PTA dues for the memberships received prior to Dec. 1 and remit March 1 duties received after Dec. 1 and remit dues June 30 all dues collected after March 1. The treasurer must have checks or vouchers signed by 2 officers, preferably the treasurer and president. The treasurer must present a written financial statement at every meeting and at other times when requested and prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year. The treasurer must have accounts examined according to the auditing procedures outlined in Article VI in the bylaws and submit a copy of the 990 or 990EZ report and submitted to the state office 15 days of filing, submit a copy of the fiscal year-end audit to the state office within 30 days following the adoption of the audit of membership and perform other duties as assigned.

Committees and Coordinators

Advocacy – Responsible for attending Chesterfield County Council of PTAs meetings and School Board meetings, and for disseminating and sharing pertinent student and school advocacy information to the CHES community.

After School Enrichment – Responsible for planning and implementing our After School Enrichment Programs throughout the school year.

Bulletin Board Coordinator – Responsible for ensuring that accurate and up-to-date information about school events and activities is displayed on the front foyer’s bulletin boards.

Bylaws – Responsible for managing bylaws revisions and renewals every 5 years.

Communications – Responsible for keeping information flowing through the channels of two-way communication between families and the school throughout the school year.

  • Webmaster – Maintains and updates the CHES PTA website.
  • Marquee – Keeps the marquee sign at the school’s entrance up-to-date.
  • Newsletter – Creates and distributes our monthly newsletter, the CHES Gazette.
  • Publicity – Duties include gathering and writing articles to publicize upcoming CHES PTA and school events in local newspapers and community newsletters.
  • Social Media – Publicize CHES PTA and school activities and events through Facebook and other social media networks.
  • Directory – Responsible for collaborating with the Room Parent Coordinator to compile data for the Student Directory as well as creating, ordering, and distributing the Directory to CHES PTA members and other parents.

Comrades – Supports teachers, staff, and parents of students with Special Education needs. Promotes Inclusive Schools Week in December and an inclusive school environment year-round.

Corporation Partnerships/Box Tops – Responsible for coordinating fundraising through corporation partnerships such as Box Tops, Labels for Education, Tyson’s A+ program, Coke Rewards, Kroger Plus card, and Food Lion MVP cards.

Curriculum Enrichment – Responsible for scheduling and coordinating in-class workshops and curriculum enrichment programs, school assemblies, and online curriculum enrichment programs such as Accelerated Reader and Brain Pop, Jr.

Family Events – Responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing various events and activities throughout the school year:

Fundraising – Responsible for organizing and running the fall and spring fundraisers. Duties include selection of fundraising company, distributing order forms, collecting order forms and payments, distributing items, and communicating with teachers, parents, and the PTA board.

Welcome Back Picnic – Responsible for coordinating the Welcome Back Picnic in September.

Parent Palooza – Responsible for coordinating the two Parent Palooza parent education events in the spring and fall.

Movie Night – Responsible for coordinating Movie Night. Duties include scheduling and choosing a movie, purchasing the film rights, and organizing the actual event.

Sweetheart Dance – Responsible for coordinating the Sweetheart Dance (female students plus their choice of an adult chaperone).

Field Day Support – Responsible for collaborating with the P.E. teacher at CHES to organize Field Day for grades 1-5.

Lucky Clover 5K Support – Responsible for collaborating with the faculty coordinators of this event as needed to organize the Lucky Clover 5K race.

Family Nights Out – Responsible for coordinating fundraising events at various local area restaurants and businesses.

Financial Assistant – Responsible for aiding the Treasurer as needed. Because this is not an elected officer position, the financial assistant cannot be a signer on the PTA bank account.

Green Committee – Responsible for overseeing any green initiatives and/or recycling programs at CHES, collaborating with the student-run Environmental Cabinet, and overseeing the two Courtyard sub-committees:

Small Courtyard – Responsible for maintaining the small courtyard at CHES. Duties include weeding, garden care, and pond cleaning.

Large Courtyard – Responsible for maintaining the large courtyard at CHES. Duties include weeding, garden care, and maintenance of the repurposed boat planters, picnic tables, and other outside furniture/structures.

Friendsgiving (formerly Holiday House)– Responsible for scheduling, planning, and implementing the Friendsgiving event at CHES:

      • Class Baskets – Responsible for coordinating with room parents to create and collect our Silent Auction’s Class Baskets.
      • Crafter's Market – Responsible for organizing the Crafter's Market, a collection of vendors who set up special sales tables.
      • Silent Auction – Responsible for running the Silent Auction. Duties include securing donations, preparing & organizing paperwork, decorating, collecting money and bid sheets, distributing items to the highest bidders, reconciling auction proceeds, and sending thank-you notes to donors.

Elf Shop – Responsible for organizing and running the Elf Shop, an area for children to shop for holiday gifts without their parents.

Hospitality – Responsible for hosting and organizing staff luncheons and breakfasts and recognizing teachers’ and staff’s birthdays, decorating birthday bulletin board in cafeteria, and providing refreshments for PTA-sponsored events (when requested), such as the Reflections awards ceremony

Jog/Walk Fitness – Responsible for scheduling and coordinating the before-school Jog/Walk Fitness Fun group in the fall and in the spring.

Membership – Responsible for managing CHES PTA membership. Duties include collecting membership forms and payments, distributing packets of information to members which include membership cards, soliciting CHES PTA business memberships from local area businesses, and paying membership dues to Chesterfield County Council of PTAs, VA PTA, and National PTA.

Outreach – Responsible for collaborating with the school’s Student Leadership Cabinets to organize charity collections and projects.

Reflections – Responsible for implementing the National PTA Reflections Art Program at CHES. Duties include communicating and publicizing program information to teachers, students, and parents; securing judges; collecting student entries; sending winning entries to County Level for further judging; and planning the Reflections awards ceremony for all participating students.

Room Parent Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing our Room Parents throughout the school year, coordinating Staff Appreciation Week, and serving as a communication channel between CHES PTA and Room Parents.

Spirit Wear – Responsible for overseeing the selection, marketing, selling, and distribution of CHES clothing and other spirit items.

Volunteer Coordinator – Responsible for creating a volunteer database of parent volunteers as well as volunteers from the surrounding community, and for securing those volunteers for school events and activities throughout the school year via Sign Up Genius.

Watch DOGS – Responsible for scheduling and organizing volunteers and events for the Watch DOGS program, collaborating with the school’s administration to ensure the smooth functionality of the program.

Ways & Means – Responsible for organizing and running the fall and spring fundraisers. Duties include selection of fundraising company, distributing order forms, collecting order forms and payments, distributing items, and communicating with teachers, parents, and the PTA board.

Yearbook – Responsible for all aspects of the CHES yearbook, including collecting yearbook orders and sales, obtaining and updating class rosters, creating and developing a yearbook theme and design, taking, collecting and selecting photos, and handling distribution.