Cherry City Compassion

Patients helping patients since 2012

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About Us

Established in 2012, Cherry City Compassion was among one of the first state licensed dispensaries in Oregon. We are now serving both 21+ customers as well as OMMP patients. We pride ourselves on our friendly & knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to answer any medicinal or recreational use questions. Our wide variety of products range from cannabis, extracts, concentrates, high and low dose medibles, skin topicals, and smoking accessories. Our dispensary is notorious for our excellent selection and competitive prices. We pride ourselves in hand selecting only the best products to carry at our store. Come in and give us a visit to find your quality cannabis destination!

Contact Us

Call: (503) 991-5717


Hours: Open 10 am-9 pm, 7 days a week


Price Breakdown

Shows Prices for dabable oil/concentrates and flower per gram

Price Breakdown Menu
Bud (Top Shelves)


Indica- generally provides a sense of deep body relaxation

Hybrid- offers a balance between the benefits of both types of strains

Bud (Bottom Shelves)

Sativa and CBD

Sativa- tend to provide a more energizing experience

CBD- Anti-inflammatory properties that work to mitigate pain, without as much of a psychoactive experience

Pre-Roll Menu


Pre-rolled joints and blunts, perfect for on the go

Cartridge Menu


A wide selection of safe, clean, and discreet vape cartridges

Medible Menu


THC infused edibles, syrups, sodas, and more!