Summer Relays

The club enter teams in a number of multi-stage races every June. These events each have their own unique atmosphere and experience, be it off-road along the Cotswold Way, Castle-hopping through Wales or racing through Monmouthshire between castle ruins, or even running the length of King Offa's defences.

Relays are free to members plus there are free T-shirts for the Rack Raid, Castles and Cotswolds (also free if you help out on a drink station).

Cotswold Way Relays - 30th June 2018

Rack Raid (Ruins And Castle Keeps) - 3rd June 2018

Welsh Castles Relay - 9th/10th June 2018

The Rack Raid (Ruins and Castle Keeps) - (3rd June 2018)

This 13 stage race takes place in Monmouthshire against other local running clubs and is a great friendly and competitive day!

The Rack Raid relay is organised by Fairwater Runners Cwmbran and was initially established to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Fairwater Runners and as an alternative event for those who were unable to gain entry to the larger Castles Relay event. It covers approx. 100 miles, traveling around the picturesque countryside of the former county of Gwent between notable ruins and castles.

The Welsh Castles Relay (9th/10th June 2018)

This is a famous 20 stage event from Caernarfon near Anglesey all the way through Wales to Cardiff, held over two days with ten races per day. We need 20+ committed runners of any ability for this epic. Transport and basic accommodation is laid on. Lots of fun and team bonding!

The official 'Castles' site is here : Castles

Harriers WCR Relay results archive

The Cotswold Way Relay (Saturday 30th June 2017)

Go to the club's Cotswold Way relay page here

The last Saturday in June is the day for the off-road team runners. This race, following the ancient Cotswold Way long distance path, comprises ten stages - and in recent years we've put in four teams. We need 50+ runners (inc lots of women). It’s mainly off-road and very scenic. We do some training runs over the course in the weeks leading up to the event to familiarise ourselves with the route.

Other relays:

Offa's Dyke Relay

We ran the Offa's Dyke (North to South) as a relay in 2011 and 2013. It's a bi-annual event for us so it should be back for 2016. If you are interested in joining in, email anyone on the committee or register your interest on the bulletin board.