Chepstow Park Woods Handicap

How does the handicap work?

The runner with the slowest handicap time will set off first followed by the next slowest and so on. The time at which an individual sets off will be the difference between their handicap time (with the addition of penalties where applicable), and that of the slowest runner. The person who completes the course first is the race winner, and will win a prize immediately after the race.

The 2019 individual race winners here:

Race 1 Tuesday 9th April. Anticlockwise. 1st Rachel Plowman, 2nd Jane Bayliss, 3rd Andrew Mathias

Race 2 Thursday 25th April. Clockwise. 1st Berna Cantwell, 2nd Sharron Burridge, 3rd Toby Garratt

Race 3 Thursday 9th May. Anticlockwise. 1st Rory Deuchar, 2nd Louise Williams, 3rd Kevin McEntee

Race 4 Tuesday 28th May. Clockwise. 1st Dick Finch, 2nd David Suttill, 3rd Jackie Webb

The winner on each night will receive a prize, and the best 3 out of 4 placings will count towards the series awards.

Series 1st, 2nd and 3rd are here:

Winner - Mark Nicol

Second - Louise Williams

Third - Louise Crockett

The men's course record is 28:07 set by Tom Gibbs on 20 May 2010. The women's course record is 30:18 set by Kath Matthews on 1st May 2014.

Individual race Start Lists/Results will be here:

Handicap R4 results.pdf

Map of Course

The course is just under 5 miles long and runs on forest fire tracks around Chepstow Park Woods. The surface is 'hard-pack' gravel which can vary depending on forest operations within the wood.

The elevation change is roughly 180m.