Our regular Training nights are on Tuesday and our Club runs are on Thursday starting at 7pm at Chepstow Leisure Centre.

Meet in the LC Bar/Lounge at 6.50. The MC and Coach will make announcements and organise the groups ready for a prompt start at 7:00.

To find out what we are doing this week go to the Blog.

You will need to let the Coach know if:

  • You will be doing your own training during the session
  • You are leaving early
  • You are a slower runner and are about to start your last lap



Tuesday Training and Our Coaching Team

All our Coaches are UK Athletics qualified and DBS checked.

We have a variety of locations in and around Chepstow which we use to deliver a varied training program. We design our training sessions for the Endurance runner using information found in a UK Coaching training manual and the Macmillan spread sheet (Link below).

We have a wide ability range in the club and aim to ensure that everyone who turns up for training gets the most out of the session.

Each training session has a plan which is risk-assessed. It includes the aim of the training, and instructions to the runners on how to best target their efforts and their running form.

Runners’ feedback and the Coaches assessment of the effectiveness of the plan are recorded and later reviewed by the Team.

Your feedback is crucial to us to be able to adjust and adapt and we are always open to suggestions for future sessions.

Thursday Club Run and the Guided 45 minute out and back run.

Thursdays we normally organise a club run – on roads from October to March, and mainly off-road when the evenings are light enough. Maps of our regular runs are posted below and are usually available to view on the night. Every runner should familiarise themselves with the route. We encourage members to run in ability groups with at least one group member familiar with the route.

Thursday 45minute run is aimed at newer and slower members of the club who are not confident at taking on the club Thursday run. The group has a leader and a tail runner so no one is left on their own.

The route should always be out and back, so though the group may not always stay together, they will finish together.

The run should last 45mins. One suggested route is to St Arvans and back, either along the road or through Piercefield Park.

New Pace Groups Oct 17

Training spreadsheet (Macmillan) v.2.4 here.

Guidance document (pdf) to the above spreadsheet.

Thursday Running Routes

These are either mapped or linked...