Best Sex Positions Men Enjoy the Most with Chennai independent Escorts

Believe it or not, best and most popular sex positions play a vital role in sexual satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, the best sex position you tried is as much responsible as that inexperienced girl you slept with. That's the reason why men need to know about their preferences when it comes to having sex. If you already know what pleases you the most, you are fine, but if you don't, you need to read the Blog to the end. You will find the list of best sex positions men enjoy the most with a hot and beautiful girl. In case you do not have a girlfriend, you can hire high class and premium Chennai escorts for a night or multiple nights.

Here Are Best Sex Positions Men Prefer with Hot Escorts girl in Chennai

1. Ankles over shoulder: Being one of the best positions by men, it allows deeper penetration. Since the hot girl lies on her back and lifts her leg and let it rest on the shoulder of her partner, the male partner gets more control over strokes; allowing himself to penetrate according to his pleasure. Independent female Escorts in Chennai loves this position as a-spot stimulation is quite easy. In addition to that, it doesn't engage the male partner's hands. Means, he can use them to touch her seductively.

2. Having sex in front of the mirror: It's proven that having sex in front of a mirror excites you even more. So, why not trying those kinky things right in front of a big mirror? You both will adore yourselves while making each other feel special. If you have hired independent call girls in Chennai, you can ask them to get naked and engage in erotic activities while adoring and seducing you with the beauty she has.

3. Chair sex: It is another exciting sex position one can try. To perform this, you need to sit on the chair while your partner will sit on you with her legs around the chair. In short, you both will be facing each other. While this position allows a female partner to dominate, you will still like it. Make sure the chair is sturdy.

4. The legendary '69' position: It's one of the most common sex positions preferred by men around the world. One of the most common reasons for its popularity is that it allows quickies. For unawares, quickies defines any situation in which you do something quickly. Anyway, it's also useful for people with a short penis. As it allows deeper penetration, even Reliable Chennai independent escorts recommend it. You can also use some variations to double the excitement, such as lifting her leg in your hands, performing it while in standing position, or trying to do it in the half-standing situation.

5. Spooning: Considered one of the romantic activities, spooning also allows you to penetrate deeply. Romantic Chennai escorts services providers also prefer it as it can be done anywhere. To perform this, you both need to lie down on the same side, and you will get inside her from behind. Since it leaves your hands idle, you can use it to make your partner feel lover by touching her seductively. So, if you have a couch in your room, don't forget to try it.