I am an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering, UBC's Okanagan Campus. I am also a Tier-2 Principal's Research Chair in Blockchain and Co-Cluster Lead of Blockchain@UBC. Prior to joining UBC, I received my PhD from The University of Toronto under the supervision of Prof. Frank Kschischang and Prof. Baochun Li, and I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL with Prof. Michael Gastpar and Boston University with Prof. Bobak Nazer.

Email: chen.feng (at) ubc (dot) ca
CV: My UBC (short) CV is here.


My research interests include information and coding theory, wireless communications and networking, cloud computing and big data, and very recently quantum communications and blockchain technology. In particular, I am interested in adapting new ideas and tools from information theory, coding theory, stochastic processes, and optimization to design better communication networks with a particular emphasis on quantum communications and blockchain technology.

Below are some of my major research projects (since I joined UBC Okanagan Campus).

Selected Publications

For a full list, please see my Google Scholar page or my UBC CV. The highly qualified personnel (HQP) under my supervision are shown in bold underline.


Conference Proceedings (in the past four years)

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