Chemist Scarborough

Scarborough 7 Day Chemist


The chemist shop at Scarborough Beach Perth is conveniently:

  • Open 7 days a week 8am to 10pm
  • the closest chemist to Perth doctors at the Scarborough Beach Medical Centre
  • near the Scarborough Post Office

Chrag Shah is an experienced, qualified pharmacist. He and his compassionate staff take time to explain how to take the medicine they sell in Perth Western Australia. There is always a qualified pharmacist on duty to explain:

  • medicine dosage and application
  • product information sheets
  • the difference or lack of difference between brand and generic medicines whether they be prescription medicines sold in Perth or medicine sold without prescription in Perth.

Scarborough has many visiting tourist from exotic, tropical places. American tourists in Perth might find this page by searching for "drug store perth" If you need special medicine telephone the 7 Day Chemist at Scarborough Perth. If 7 Day Chemist does not have special medicine you've been prescribed by your doctor, the 7 Day Chemist can go online with a direct line to their account with pharmaceutical companies Australia wide to organise urgent delivered of medicine for patients in Perth Western Australia.

The 7 Day Chemist in Scarborough Perth Western Australia also:

  • Hire wheel chairs
  • Hire crutches and other equipment for disable people in Perth

If your regular chemist in Perth is closed telephone 7 Day Chemist in Perth's western suburbs.

For tourists to Scarborough Beach there is a good variety of sunburn protection cream and ointments for pain relief after you've been burnt.