Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry was started in the year 2014, since then it is offering M.Sc. course in Chemistry with specialization mainly in Organic Chemistry with provision of offering Inorganic and Physical specializations in certain academic session. It has adopted Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) from the academic session 2015–2016. At present, the department has three Assistant Professors (one each from Inorganic, Organic and Physical specializations), three part time faculties and two supporting staffs. The department has also started its PhD program from 2018 with three students. Some of the major areas of research are Natural Products, Biodiesel, Catalysis, Organic Synthesis, Materials Science and Polymer Chemistry. The department has three laboratories (one DST–SERB sponsored research laboratory and two for M.Sc. practical) to carry out practical and research activities. The department is well equipped with all the basic laboratory facilities for PG practical. It has instruments like precision electronic balance, heating oven, vacuum oven, rotary evaporator, magnetic stirring & heating plate with precision temperature controller, nitrogen gas circulation assembly and sophisticated instrument like, HPLC cum GPC. The University has already started the process to acquire few sophisticated instruments like UV–Vis, FT–IR and GC for the department. The department had already received eight (08) numbers of desktop computers from NTPC, Bongaigaon under CSR–CD NTPC to set up a computer lab for students. The fund received from a DST-SERB sponsored research project has also been used to develop infrastructure for the DST-SERB sponsored research lab. Currently, some of our passed out students are pursuing their PhD at different Institutions and Universities like IIT Kharagpur, NEIST (Jorhat), NEHU (Shillong), Gauhati University and Bodoland University.