Graduation Gifts

Law School Graduation Gifts

New lawyers can face all sorts of obstacles after graduation, not the least of which includes finding a job, paying off massive student loans, and finding their way in a vicious legal industry. Therefore, when it comes to college graduation gifts, making the right choice can mean a lot to a recent grad. If you're unsure of what to buy, here are ten law school graduation gift ideas that might be perfect, or at least get you thinking along the right lines.

Bag/carry-all - A stylish bag or carry-all can be the perfect gift for any recent graduate, especially one entering the legal field where he or she is going to be bogged down with paperwork, filings, books, etc. Fossil has some very nice leather bags, and Land's End is another good site to check out. You might also consider a wheeled-bag, especially for a recent grad that will most likely be entering a law firm at the bottom of the totem pole and will be hefting the senior partner's research for them.

Day planner/organizer - A graduate needs nothing more when entering a new career than to stay organized. Therefore, what better gift than a planner or organizer to help them stay focused and on schedule? Day-Timer has all kinds of great planner books and accessories in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Franklin Covey is also a good resource for this kind of gift.

Pen set - A nice pen set can send your new graduate off in style. Like a fancy watch, flashy shoes, or an expensive tie, a good pen is one of those accessories that quietly says class, without being brash about it. You can find a wide selection of very nice pens at

Laptop - While he or she might already have a laptop, with technology advancing at its current pace, it might be nearing the end of its life expectancy. Moreover, it never hurts to have a backup. Dell, HP, Best Buy and Gateway, can be good places to begin your search.

Laptop bag - If the recent grad already has a laptop, or this item is a little out of your price range, consider getting him or her a nice carrying bag. This can be a handy accessory for the new lawyer who's on the go.

Diploma frame - Sure, it may not be a very exciting gift, but we all know how Doctors and Lawyers love to display their credentials. Get your new law school graduate off on the right foot with his or her own diploma frame. You can even get a frame crafted with the graduate's college or university at university

Gift card for clothing - More than likely you're not going to be able to go out and buy a new suit for the graduate without having his or her measurements. Even then, why take a chance? Might as well just give them a gift card, they'll probably need the clothing to outfit their wardrobe for their new line of work.

Desk décor - If there's going to be a new office in this recent graduate's future, he or she is going to have a desk to fill with fun gadgets and interesting items. To find a desk set, accessories, clock or whatever best fits this legal graduate, try, or similar sites.

Bookends - Lawyers love their books, and a new graduate will be studying more than his or her fair share, so why not buy them some bookends to hold their new library? and can be good places to get started.

Artwork - A very nice wall painting or work of art can put the exclamation point on the graduate's new office décor. Be careful when picking it out though. You don't want to offend his or her taste. It might be safer to take them with you, or at least ask what type of artwork he or she is interested in Prescott Papers.