What is a cheap handpan and where to get it

Despite its recent interest and increasing popularity, handpans are still very rare amongst musical instruments and typically rather expensive. What should you do if you're a novice and only want a handpan to get started? Are there any cheap handpans that are still playable? Yes, there are! Continue reading to find out how to locate one!

What are the variants of handpan

Let's simply go through who's who in the world of handpans. Percussion instruments include the steel drum, steel pan, and tongue drum. They can be confused with a handpan drum. What is commonly referred to as a handpan, however, is a convex drum with a solid rebounding surface of the membrane. If you're just starting out, the handpan drum might not be the ideal choice because it's more difficult to master and considerably more expensive. A tongue drum is a wonderful place to start because it is simple to learn and relatively inexpensive.

Once learned thoroughly you can go ahead and buy according to the scale like handpan 432 hz.

The second hand handpans- choice or not

You could still have your uncle Tom's guitar from his bohemian days, with which you can just change the chords and it sounds like new. Second-hand handpans, on the other hand, are not an option because the equipment is very new (mass production started around the mid-2000s). Some second hand drums might cost as much as new ones. The original Hang was withdrawn from manufacturing. Because the drum is difficult to get, the price has skyrocketed.

You rarely know if the handpan 432 hz does have its original wonderful melodic qualities or if it has rust inside the chamber. When purchasing a new one, you may be confident that it is faultless and well tuned (besides, you get this feeling of a brand-new shiny instrument).

As you can see, purchasing a new handpan is well worth the investment because it is also cheap.

When will you get a cheap price yet good quality?

When demand exceeds supply, the price of a thing will always rise. The handpan has been no exception, as we have witnessed since 2000. However, the demand will surely be identified, and someone will emerge to provide that want. And then another, and another, until demand is fulfilled, commercial rivalry emerges, and prices are reduced greatly. To fulfill that demand and compete with other industrial manufacturers, short cuts and cost-cutting will be used to create larger quantities at a cheaper consumer price..

Looking at the increased demands of hanpans in these days the day is coming very soon.but said that there are few websites that sell good quality hanpans at a low price like - handpan world, ebay etc. if you cannot wait then you can resort to these websites and buy your handpan at a low cost.

See, if you are just a beginner at the music industry and don’t have $2000 to spend on a first hand handpan then the used cheap handpans can also work fine for you. So before being sceptical always read the reviews of the site that you are buying from.