Libra is the sign of the Scales, Justice

The scales above all else requires and encourages balance and harmony

Librians are generally very bright and excel in the scientifics in life, making good doctors etc..

They are the sensitive people who appreciate good manners, ever so polite them selves.

They are the hopeless romantic, full of wit and charm. Having a large circle of friends is natural for the scales.


What are they really like

The Scales are sociable and shine in social situations, where their gift of communication is an attraction to many.

Librans need to be liked, even loved, by those who cross their path, and it can be very hard to resist the Scales when they are at their most charming and magnetic selves. The scales are cool and snazzy, but behind that facade is a smart, often smoldering soul who knows how to get what they want. They're willing to get it as long as it is fair play.

The scale need to be in a relationship, When the Scales find the partner they've been searching for, it will be a match made in hot heaven.

The most compatible signs for the Librian

"a step ahead of the rest" : LUCKY DEVILS

GEMINI -The luscious Libran way of wooing will truly transform the Gemini, your both deliciously romantic and intimate.

LEO - When these two signs of love meet for a romantic rendezvous it'll be hot love all the way.

SAGITARIUS - Sagittarius is generous and allows Libra to indulge in little pleasures and luxuries.

AQUIRIUS - Its magic when these two signs eyes meet for the first time.


Libras LOVE seduction and foreplay,

So plenty of talk leading and sweet talking is going to lead to some hot action.

Make sure the setting is luxurious and , watch out! Libras love to be showered in lust and comforts. The Libra loves to please and be pleased so make sure your time together in and out the bedroom is give and take. It's safe to say that a little erotica goes a long way with the Scales, since these folks can be oh-so-playful with their toys.....Librans love to be loved and lusted after, so turn up the heat.


The type pf person to get the Libra females attention is a person able to lavish her with romance and lust, a tall order but this is what she wants.

Be aware that once in a relationship giving to her as she gives to you is key.


The type of person the get the attention of a male Libra is one who not afraid to get what they want. Being up front and confident with a gentle twist is what will please a person who is able to show their sexual self without inhibitions is very sexy to a Librian man.

The 5 best tips on how to seduce a Librian

1. Do put all your attention into foreplay.

2. Make your setting romantic and delicious, they love some romance.

3. In the bedroom be playful and a little naughty.

4. Lavish your Librian with compliments.

5. Over power your Libra with lust.

Happy seducing .......