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Take A Personal Trainer With You

Pocket Trainer is like a "smart bomb" in the battle of the bulge!

This is gonna sound a lot like an endorsement. Largely because it is an endorsement. I thought I would simply make a recommendation. But, the word "endorsement" seems so much more official and it makes it sound like folks might actually care what I think. But, enough about my own insecurities; lets get down to the point.

PocketTrainer is an excellent app that is available for your Blackberry, IPhone, or Droid that makes following a progressive workout regiman downright easy. Let's face it, one of the hardest parts of staying with a fitness plan is that the "plan" itself can get stale and boring. And, if you decide to throw in a new move that someone shows your, or worse yet that you dream up yourself, it may or may not enhance or improve your gains. In the worse case, you could even injure yourself by focusing too much on one muscle group, or by overtaxing a particular joint or system until it buckles.

So, what would your solution be? A private trainer would be nice... If you could afford one. And even if you could, you would probably have to live with a schedule for your training that would, in many cases, complicate an already frustratingly hectic lifestyle.

Try Pocket Trainer. Here's why:

1) You will get a customized workout that takes into account what equipment you have at hand, what muscles groups need to be focused on, and what progress you have made.

2) You will get high quality videos of each exercise. I check them often to ensure that my form is correct and that my body is not figuring out a way to cheat in an effort to get comfortable.

3) Your workout plan will be tracked and adjusted as you progress to ensure that you have a balanced and continually challenging workout program. The principal is to continually challenge your muscles with a variety of stressors. That's what keeps the fat burning and the muscles growing.


Diets only address the biological equation of weight loss. Instead, mentally commit to give up one or two bad eating habits for life... By getting your brain to buy into the initiative you nearly guarantee long-term success.