Understanding the person we are "wooing" is the best weapon. As we all know we are all different and that can make being successful at seduction a little sticky. But if we use the undisputed fact that although we are different, there are common threads we all have. What makes us unique, is written in the stars. Our Stars signs!!!! Learning what our desired ones star sign is and what traits they have, is like offering honey to the bees.

The Virgo - What are they really like

August 24 and September.

The Virgo has a critical eye for detail, and in constant pursuit of perfection. This drives the Virgo to improve everything and everyone

(whether they need it or not!).Therefore the Virgo can come across a little controlling.

The Virgo seeks to improve the environment. Always the service orientated person. Often the Virgo will pursue careers in health-related fields, or in other structured areas such as teaching, labour relations, or counselling.

The ever polite Virgo is first to help someone off with their coat, relieve them of heavy packages or bring a refreshing drink. Their conversational skills are impeccable. A good conversation is right up the Virgos alley.

The four most compatible signs for the Virgo

"Lucky devils", a step ahead of the rest

1. Pisces - The Virgo finds you heavenly.

2. Scorpio - The Virgo feels your truly passionate.

3. Capricorn - Virgos enjoy knowing you are in tune with their desires.

4. Taurus - The Virgo counts on your ability to be steady and enjoys being around you.


Cleanliness is next to godliness when it comes to a Virgo.

Being impeccably groomed is your greatest weapon. Nothing turns a Virgo on more than attention to detail.

Sensual scents are a favorite to the Virgo, In fact, you may want to take a sweet smelling bath together as a prelude to lovemaking.

Burning rich sexy candles over fine chocolate and wine would definitely impress.

A Virgos, seduction style is tasteful and understated.

Always anticipating a person's needs makes the Virgo impressive. With this in mind a great ice breaker in order to get a Virgos attention would be to ask him or her to help organize your desk, proofread a letter or find your keys. This is a great strategy as the Virgo loves to help and please.