How to Make a Girl Like You


So you have become infatuated with a girl. Perhaps you are lonely and want her affection. Perhaps you are in a relationship that is not interesting to you anymore and the new girl represents excitement and passion to you. You now face a question that men have brooded over for millenia: how to make a girl like you? This article will help guide you through this old scenario and hopefully allow you to discover more about yourself in the process.

So you want her to like you

To do that you need to ask a question of yourself: why should this girl like you? Be honest with yourself here, if you do not believe you have anything to offer then either will she. One method here is to make a list of your redeeming qualities. Are you tall or athletic? Do your friends consider you the smart one of the group? The funny one? You can find out what qualities the girl prefers in her potential boyfriend and make sure she knows you exhibit those qualities. If you find that your list is very short, that only gives you an opportunity to lengthen the list! Make another list of qualities you'd like to have: e.g., better shape, more knowledgeable about some subject, active in a new hobby, etc. Now you can work towards them. Not only will these new qualities give you something extra to talk about with the girl you're interested in, they'll make you feel better about yourself.

Next, do you have any common interests with her?

This is very important to make someone interested in you... after all, if you have no common interests then why even bother talking? If you do, then this represents potential conversation topics with the girl. It also implicitly tells the girl that you may be available to hangout and participate in the common interest together. For example, if the girl likes to dance and it becomes known to you that you know how to salsa dance, now you've become a potential dancing partner for the girl. If you find that you don't have any common interests then you can learn more about those interests to see if you want to learn any of them. Don't waste your time learning about something just to impress a girl. If you're not actually interested in the subject and just learning to impress her, she'll know.

Next, talk to her!

Express to her that you do like her. If you never do this then you'll only ever be just another guy to her. And you never know... perhaps she likes you too but has been too shy to bring it up to you. As a bonus, if you've completed the last two steps then she might have noticed your redeeming qualities and the improvements you've made to your person as well as your common interests.

What if she's not interested?

Okay, you're sure that you're a likeable enough guy, you have common interests with her, and you'd like to hang out with her but she is not interested. What do you do now? Well, now is the time to realize that it wasn't meant to be and there are many other girls in the world. After all, you've been following these steps and therefore making improvements to yourself. Other people will notice this and possibly consider you as a person to date even if they hadn't before. And your new hobbies open doors to meeting a lot of new people to talk to.