Flirting With Women

Although a lot of men do not really know how to flirt, it is advisable that they learn the art of flirting. Follow these flirting tips for guys below for your best chance of success:

Keep your body open because that will invite a woman to talk to you. If you fold your arms because you feel awkward then it is unlikely that they will stick around for long. Look approachable and flirting will come naturally without even trying!

  • Relax and be confident in yourself.

  • Smile, it makes you look so much nicer!

  • Don't do the macho thing

  • Make eye contact regularly, but don't stare.

  • Listen to what she has to say and be genuinely interested. Don't talk about yourself all the time.

  • Make jokes and laugh a lot

  • Touch her arm lightly a few times during a conversation. Being tactile is not really viewed as masculine but a woman may view it as though you are dropping your guard slightly.

  • Don't try to impress, most women see through macho behavior

Flirting With Men

Flirting with men is often like walking a tightrope because a girl cannot come on too strong without being branded a stalker or nymphomaniac, but if she is too subtle then generally unobservant guys will miss her body language! You have to get it just right in order to make an impact. Try these flirting tips for girls below to get a guy's attention without being too full on:

Approach a guy with an ice-breaking conversation. You are alerting him to the fact that you like him without actually overwhelming him. After talking for a few minutes, make your excuses and go to the bathroom. If he is still there when you get back then continue the conversation because he probably likes you.

  • Make eye contact every now and then, but don't make it a staring contest.

  • Smile! Genuinely smiling will bring your eyes to life and light up your face, thus highlighting your best features. A flick of the hair whilst laughing or smiling is also a good trick to capture his attention!

  • Touch his arm in an unobtrusive manner

  • Laugh and try to create a relax atmosphere

  • Listen to what he has to say, don't talk about yourself all the time

  • Use his name in your conversation, everybody likes to hear his name, it makes your conversation more personal

  • Be clear about your attraction. Guys often complain about being unable to read a girl effectively, complaining about mixed signals. Make sure that your signals are crystal clear and that you are showing signs of flirting!

  • Don't try to impress, be yourself

  • Keep in mind that a guy behaves differently when his mates are around.