Learn The Texting Strategies Of Bobby Rio


This article examines the importance of learning about how to text the women that you date. Bobby Rio is a popular dating coach who recently released a texting guide called the Magnetic Messaging system.

Bobby has kept a rather tight lip in regards to his texting strategies because he doesn't want every guy out there to learn them, and the last thing that anybody wants are for women to discover these texting tactic - as this would cause them to become ineffective.

However, that being the case I still wanted to give you an idea of what Bobby is teaching so that you can determine whether these are texting strategies that would benefit you in your own dating life.

In his material Bobby points out that most guys are not effective when it comes to texting women and that effective texting is a skill set that single guys really need to master.

Bobby says that most guys send boring, formal, and needy texts that turn women off and I know that this is true because my friends have shown me some of the stuff that they are sending women and a lot of the stuff they are sending is truly awful.

I think that guys get confused when they send text messages to girls that they are attracted to because they want so badly to send good texts, so they end up trying too hard and saying really stupid things that they later regret.

Bobby's texting strategies on the other hand focus on sparking a woman's emotions so that she will want to talk to you and meet up with you for a date.

Four of the main things that stand out about Bobby's texting strategies are as follows:

- You learn what to say in the first text message that you send to a woman after you get her phone number

- You learn how to ask her out on a date in a smooth way (this is important and this strategy is very different from what I automatically assumed was correct... The big thing here is to ask her out in a way that makes sure that she won't "flake" on you later!)

- You learn how to deal with the common pitfalls that happen with texting and the "curveball" that women will often throw at a guy she doesn't yet know all that well when he starts texting her

- You learn advanced texting strategies to use once you have started dating a girl to keep things good and get her to send you hot photos (every guy likes that!)