Gift Ideas For Girlfriends Of All Age Ranges and Interests


Gifts for Arts and Crafts Girlfriends

Arts and crafts is a term used to describe anything which involves the creation of decorative items using one's hands. What is now largely a hobby has been developed over many hundreds of years and can be considered one of the oldest activities practised by people worldwide. Buying a gift for a girlfriend who loves arts and crafts largely depends on which particular crafts she enjoys the most. For example, this topic includes calligraphy, carpentry, collage, embroidery, etching, glass blowing, knitting, mosaics, origami, pottery, quilting, rug making, sculpture, tapestry and weaving, to name but just a few. There are a variety of gifts related to this vast area such as textile tools, materials, books and items made from professional crafters.

Home Decor Gifts for Girlfriends

Home decor and interior design is a subject close to my own heart. After all, I am a trained Interior Designer and write about home improvement and decoration every day. Buying a gift for a girlfriend who loves home decor and design is not at all difficult as long as you know what are her tastes. Look at what she has already and how she has designed her room or home. She might be Bohemian in nature which means an eclectic mix of tastes and styles. Or she might prefer a certain theme based on minimalism or art deco. Research a little if needs be and browse through catalogues of decorative items which can fit into an existing interior design scheme. She might well be needing a new item of furniture or perhaps you want a new double bed. These can also be considered. If you're still unsure, go with something small that also has some meaning behind it, perhaps a reminder of how you met or of her childhood.