Signs a Girl Has Crush on You Part 1: with Tips!


You like her but you are afraid of telling her about how you feel because you couldn't stand the rejection afterwards. So now you wanted to make sure that both of you are sharing the same feelings towards each other so that when you approach her there will be a huge possibility that she will not reject you. I have listed strong signs that a girl has a crush on you and these are all based on my experience and some them are from my girlfriend's confessions.

Symptoms that she is attracted to you

What to do if she is doing this and that

- She messages you or texts you everyday even if your not giving her some response to her messages.

What-to-do: Be careful when it comes to ignoring her messages otherwise you might hurt her ego especially if she is the one who texted you first. Don't ignore all of her texts or calls if you really like her. Two steps forward one step backward is the right approach here. Talk to her twice then stop and talk to her again. Repeat this method until it feels like you are sharing things in common and she feels comfortable with you.

- Flirting! We guys are normally poor in receiving signals from women. The easiest way for a girl to flirt with you is to tell you that she hates you and give names that other girls would hardly do to you. Weird isn't it?

What-to-do: If you like her then tease her back but don't over do it. Always emphasize that you are just kidding when you tease to loosen her guard so both of you can have a good chat.

- Flicking her hair. This is another way of flirting. A very subconscious manner that she would normally when you arrive or around her and flicking her hair is her way of telling you that she is beautiful and deserves your attention.

What-to-do: Speak up and talk to her in just a casual manner. No cheesy pick up lines just you or you can give her a reward by maintaining eye-contact with her for 3 seconds with a smile, then drop it. That will fire her up and prepare both of you for a crossfire of burning conversation.