How To Make Yourself More Desirable To Women



How To Navigate The Murky Waters Of Chivalry And Good Manners

Many things have changed in the last century and even the last decade when it comes to manners and social acceptance. Many lines have been blurred in the areas of relationships, morality, and values. That having been said, what is accepted is not always what is desirable. This is particularly true when it comes to manners and etiquette. Sure, you have the right to be rude and obnoxious. But, if you decide to exercise that right, don't ask why you are lonely.

So here is a quick list of some of the cornerstones of good manners.

Be polite - You can't like every person or every situation. But, that will never be an excuse for being impolite. Being courteous requires strength of character and intellect. In every situation that matters it makes you the better man.

Do Not Interrupt - Being of one mind does not permit you to finish her sentences. It is really irritating if you decide to respond to her while she is still finishing her sentence. No matter how sure you are that you know what she is asking or saying, LET HER FINISH before you respond.

The other absolute relationship slayer is when you habitually interrupt in a way that demonstrates they you were thinking intently on something else while she was speaking. Just don't do it.

Don't Curse! - I have heard men say that women are attracted to cursing... What? Why? No way man. Get mad... Get LIVID!... But keep the tongue in check. If you need to add emphasis to what you are saying, use a dazzling string of adjectives.. Not expletives!

Women judge your masculine character based on your actions... Not your mouth... So... Show your anger by walking away. Hey, if you just have to get down and dirty, neglect a tip when the service is really bad.

Offer To Pay - I am not going to tell you that every woman will appreciate this. But, offering to pay for the bar tab or the dinner bill is simply an affirmation that you are willing to provide. Okay, that sounds all kinds of condescending by modern reasoning. That being acknowledged, BE THE MAN.

Be Gracious To Her Parents - Familiarity is a wonderful place to be in the bed or with the women of your dreams. But, being overly familiar too early with her parents can spell disaster. No matter how disarming her parents are, no matter how casual the atmosphere, no matter how they insist that you relax, never, and I mean never, take social liberties with her family on the first or second date. It is a far better thing to be considered a little stiff or needing to "chill out", than it is to be thought of as disrespectful or condescending. You can always make a fool out of yourself later. In the beginning, be the picture of manners and respect.