The following criteria will be used to assign players to teams:

  • Results of player assessment, where applicable and/or player’s past performance
  • Coach’s observation of a player during the first few practices.
  • Coach’s observation during preseason scrimmage (if applicable)


As a general rule our goal is for players to play at their own age/grade group level. Taking into account the player's physical and social development, exceptions may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • A player may be identified by the team coaches for playing up at a higher age group level
  • We may have to combine age groups in order to field a competitive team at a certain age group level
  • We may have to move certain players into a higher age group level in order to strengthen the team at the higher age group level or fill a specific position (this generally should only occur at the older age group level 8th grade teams)


Our coaches will do their best to see that everyone gets playing time. However, with volleyball in particular, the coach may not be able to introduce a player into a game for any minimum amount of time due to substitution rules/restrictions.

As a general rule a player on a competitive team should as a minimum be given playing time of approximately 30% of a games total time measured over the course of the whole season and, subject to the following:

  • the player adheres to the teams practice schedule and other team rules set out and communicated by the coach
  • the player’s effort and dedication at practices meets the requirements of the team
  • the player commits to his/her best effort at practices and games
  • the player follows the coaches tactical instructions within the team’s system of play