Valentine’s Day Ideas for Boyfriend


Valentine's Day is coming up. Are you running out of ideas! Like, I have given so many gifts already... I made a Scrapbook, I made a jar full of notes, bought him shirts, leather bracelets, letters, DVDs, candy, snacks, drinks and all that jazz. Now, I wanna do something out of the ordinary? Something he will really like and enjoy. Right? From what I've asked around most women are really confused when it comes to deciding what to give their men. Are you looking for Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend? Maybe, some of these tips would help?

Give Him What He loves most!

It's the thought that counts

Crafty things like balloons, poems, scrapbook or candy trails - what he would probably think of as something out of chick flick, tend to appeal feminine romantic notions rather than men's. But there are certainly no lack of ideas for a girlfriend or wife to create a special day, it just comes down to being careful to remember that what they are doing is not necessarily what they would want for themselves. Men's are not complicated that way.

Speaking to some male friends of mine, the immediate response to their Valentines Day needs were, "gadgets, something erotic, or something hilarious".

Take a step back and think what would your special guy like the best?

Is He a Gadget Freak?

Boys love their toys

Boys love their toys. That seven year old in men never die. Mobile phones, mp3 players, I-pod, GPS, laptops, digi-cams, faster engines in their cars, you name it, they want it. Getting your man a brand new phone or 32 GB Ipod would be a really good bet. Find out which gadget of his he has been cribbing about lately, which is not a very hard thing to do, because if their gadget is faulty you will hear about it.

Dress-up for Him

Men are visual creatures

And of course the day usually ends in that private way between couples that in my opinion is much over discussed. Put on that sexy, little back dress and high heeled shoes. Be well groomed and properly waxed. Use proper make-up that highlight your best features and hide your flaws. In short, a time-tested Valentine's Day ideas for boyfriend is to become the woman of his dreams on Valentine's Day. Since men are considered to be more of visual creatures, he will appreciate your good looks and love you for the extra effort that you have put in to please him.