How To Make Yourself More Desirable To Women



Simple Skills In The Kitchen Will Make You Sizzle

You are about to be admitted into an exclusive and elite men's club without filling out an application or even paying dues. What I am about to tell you is powerful stuff and you would do well to listen carefully.

Here it is in a nutshell... Cook her something, and in her eyes you become sophisticated, interesting, substantial, more desirable. Cook anything WELL, and you jump to the head of the line my friend. A man who cooks for a woman is sexy...

Now, don't get me wrong, cooking skills will likely not be enough to compensate for being unemployed, or sporting a bad hairpiece. But, I don't think I have ever met a woman whose eyes didn't brighten when she sees a man, and especially HER man, in the kitchen.

So, why don't men don the cooking mitts more often? For some reason, the very thought of whisking an egg or preheating an oven is enough to paralyze some of us. I believe it has something to do with our upbringing. When we were growing up, our mothers usually spoke of their cooking talents and recipes in a very guarded and secretive way. Sure, you could heap praise upon her casserole or meatloaf. Just don't venture to ask what her special ingredients were, or how she got it to be so tasty. Her answer was likely, "It's my secret". Or the equally mysterious, "It's been passed down from generation to generation". What boy in his right mind would tread such obvious sacred ground?

But, (and no disrespect toward your mum) there is really no big mystery to cooking. That is not to say that cooking really well doesn't require a measure of skill and a certain panache. But, like so many other things in life, success in the kitchen is a matter of motivation, patience, and lots of practice resulting in confidence. In fact, once a man takes cooking on as a challenge, many times they find that they are very very good at it. That was my experience. So let's just jump in and get our feet wet, shall we?

The best place to start is at the beginning. So lets think about the foundation of the day... breakfast. There is nothing quite like a really good omelette to start the day. Add a little cheese and maybe some bacon or ham and you can't lose. I absolutely guarantee that if you offer and succeed in cooking your lady an edible, or better yet tasty, breakfast you will have improved your day.

There are two styles of omelettes that I know of, American and French. I used to make American style omelettes all of the time and I thought I was doing well. Then on our honeymoon in Jamaica, I witnessed something that would change my culinary life.

The resort that we were staying at had a breakfast buffet that featured an omelette station. A cheerful Jamaican man in a crisp chef's uniform stood at the ready. I took a look at the available ingredients... They included various bowls containing ham, onions, peppers, and various grated cheeses.

I ordered an omelette with ham, onion, and swiss cheese. The chef cracked two eggs. Whisked them. Added the requested additions. Whisked them a bit more and poured them into his hot and waiting omelette pan. What I saw him do next was truly impressive. With seemingly little effort, and in just around 3 minutes, this gentleman produced on my plate a perfect French style omelette. I was so impressed that I determined to find a way to approximate this fellow's technique. At the risk of being labled a "strange fellow", I watched as he cooked a few more omelettes.

What I noted in this chef's techniques are basic to cooking a good omelette. And guess what? It isn't all that complicated. Keep the following in mind:

1) Get yourself a really good quality omelette pan. Heavy to distribute heat evenly, with a good non-stick surface, and rounded around the perimeter to allow for sliding/flipping the omelette onto the recipient's plate.

2) Get all of your additions (ham, bacon, peppers, onions, cheese, etc.) ready before you start heating the pan. You don't want to look all panicky when it comes time to pour the egg into the pan.

3) Get the pan really hot before you pour the egg. You want the egg to begin bubbling right away when you pour it. Pouring the egg into a cool pan will result in a flat and tough omelette.

4) Agitate the pan frequently until the egg is well on it's way to being cooked. This will prevent the egg from sticking and it will create a fluffier final product.

5) It is better to serve a "French" style omelette while it is still a bit loose. The omelette will continue to cook on it's own for several seconds after you serve it. You really don't want the omelette to be over done and tough.

6) Advanced Technique: In the classic "French" style, the egg is folded in on itself gradually as it cooks. However, what I saw in Jamaica differed slightly and made for cool presentation. It goes like this:

a) When the egg is nearly done, fold one third of the omelette over the middle.

b) Now tilt the pan toward the plate and slide the opposite side of the omelette so that it's edge lies on the waiting plate.

c) In one smooth motion, roll the pan completely over so that the body of the omelette slides and folds onto the plate.

Once you master cooking an omelette, offer to make breakfast for the woman you want to impress. Better yet, offer to cook your mom an omelette. (It's safer if you blow it... And it is a character building exercise) See how you rise in the popularity polls.