Is He Interested In A Relationship?

Here's How To Tell


Have you met a guy you like so much that you are hoping to turn it into more than just casual dating? Would you like to know how to tell if he's interested in a relationship or just out to have some fun? Are you afraid to let him know how you feel in case he doesn't share your feelings? You don't want to scare him away but you would like to know if he's interested in a relationship or not.

This can be a tricky situation for a woman to find herself in. If you come right out and ask him, and he hasn't even considered the idea, he might back off completely. On the other hand if you kind of hint around the idea, you can perhaps plant the seed in his mind for a later time.

That's really the best way to find out if he's interested in a relationship. Being slow and casual about it is a good way to maintain what you already have with a guy. If your relationship is meant to be, chances are eventually things will heat up between the two of you. But if you play the relationship card too soon, you may drive him away.

Few guys start dating a woman in the hopes of getting involved in a serious relationship. A guy who asks you out is attracted to you and wants to have some fun together. He enjoys being with a woman sometimes but may not want that on a more intense level.

That doesn't mean that a guy like this will only ever date casually. It just means that he hasn't yet met someone that might change his mind. If you'd like to be that woman, you need to be patient and let the relationship develop naturally.

As time goes on you can begin to express your feelings to him more openly. But if you do that too soon, you run the risk of scaring him off.

But there will come a time when things may seem at a standstill. You're dating but nothing has really changed.

You go out twice a week. He calls you a few other times. He makes plans with his friends without consulting you. He lets you get only so close before backing off. If the conversation starts to veer towards a serious "you and me" topic, he immediately gets quiet, abruptly changes the topic, or tells you he doesn't want to talk about that.

The facts seem to point to a guy who just wants to stick with the casual dating thing. And he may never be ready for more. When you're getting the message that he's not interested in a relationship, you need to ask yourself if it's enough or not. And then go on from there.