How To Make Yourself More Desirable To Women


Try Really Liking Women

I Know You Really Really Like Them... Try to Really Appreciate Them For A Change.

Women are wonderful! Hopefully you already know that. However, if no one warned you before this, they are also trying, frustrating, enigmatic, and confusing. Are all of them difficult? No my friend... Only the really good ones!

Is that troubling to you? If it is, I want a moment of your time. A few minutes spent thinking rationally on this topic could save you an embarrassing and lonely passage into the real world.

The fact is, women are indeed from Venus (Man, I love that Venus!)... And you, my friend, are from Mars. But, don't panic. We will get through this together. In fact, listen to me for a moment and you may find that you actually like (dare I say, appreciate) women, despite the obvious challenges. If you don't, they will know it, and you will never be able to hide it! So this is "make or break" time. You either get it or you don't. If you don't... Then keep reading today and for a few months. I will do my best to share what I know about their troubling and unique (and ultimately irresistible) qualities.

So class, let's discuss a few basics:

1) The first rule you will need to accept is that you will never WIN an argument. So, don't even try. Is that a problem for you? Get over it. Believe me when I say... If you win, she will feel demeaned, and you will have lost. If you can manage to defuse the situation through restraint and humility, you may manage to save face or even gain a notch in her respect for you. If you stand on principle and decide to verbally "duke it out" to the bitter end, you are doomed before you hit the beach. Sorry, I can only advise you to get a sturdier self-esteem.

2) Women usually smell really good. Dizzingly good in fact. If yours doesn't, you need to give her a genuine compliment followed by politely telling her that you would like her to try some new perfumes. Or better yet, "kick a buck" and buy her one that you really like. Or if you smell something wafting across the room in a dinner party that activates your manliness... Speak up. She will talk to a few of her friends and soon you will be dizzy too.

3) Women can do things you and I can't. This one should not require any explanation from me. If it does, you need more help than this lens can hope to provide. Hanging with the guys is "fascinating and all"... But, women complete the equation dude. Ladies are the missing puzzle piece to just about anything that is troubling you. And the best news is that they feel similarly about you. Lucky Dog!

4) Women have a much higher emotional and social intelligence than you do. It means they remember the dates you should be remembering and they know when you were an absolute jerk at a party. You can argue... But, you will just be wrong.

5) Women really DO know when you have had enough to drink. You won't acknowledge it when it really counts... Cause you have had to much to drink. Listen to her. Let her drive you home. Trust me on this one. It is a win win.

Every now and then a single man asks me, "Is it really worth all the effort?"... Man you must be kidding me. It is not debatable whether women are worth the effort. If you are still wondering that in your heart of hearts, you need an overhaul.