Flirting is a fantastic way of alerting a member of the opposite sex to the fact that you find them attractive. You do not even have to speak to them to alert them to this because your body will do it for you. In some ways, flirting is an underrated art. Not enough people put real value in its subtleties when it has been identified as a courting ritual.

Flirting actually makes dating easier for the majority of people. We don't even consciously do it but, as long as you read the signs of flirting correctly, you can always tell whether or not a potential partner is attracted to you and reciprocate the gestures.

Signs of Flirting

There are no signs of flirting set in stone because it varies from person to person. We all have our individual subconscious gestures that can be construed as flirting, even when we neither want nor mean it to! This will largely depend on whether you are male or female because the signs differ between the gestures too.

In order to spot the signs of flirting, you do not have to be particularly observant because if we are attracted to an individual, our bodies will automatically respond to those signals. Body language is a powerful thing and will betray us, regardless of whether we want it to or not. Some of the most common forms of body language flirting are:

  • Hair toss or flicking

  • Touching the face

  • Open body language

  • Direct eye contact

  • Excessive use of the hands

  • Overly accentuated laughing and use of the body

  • Casual touches

  • Teasing

  • Doing the feet under the table thing

Important Note

The most important guideline for flirting with both women and men is: be yourself! If someone is attracted to you then they will remain so only if you are actually the person they initially got to know! Just relax and flirting will come easily!