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Lining up a sitter now will give peace of mind knowing that the pet will be well cared for while away.

Reasons to Make Holiday Arrangements for Pets Now

During the holidays, it is no secret that many go out of town to spend time with family and friends. When it comes to spending time in someone else's home, taking a pet isn’t always practical. This is why it is important to start thinking about the furry friends living situation while everyone else is out of town. Consider charlotte dog boarding as a convenient resource in situations where you will be out of town for several days or even a simple day trip. Here are some benefits to booking holiday pet boarding now.

Explore Kennels

If this is the first time to board a pet, take the time to do the research and pick the kennel or boarding facility carefully. Some offer a variety of care options, like individual rooms and playtime with other dogs. Then others are basic cages without a lot of variety. There are even those who board in their private homes. Pets seem to relax and maintain their typical lifestyle when this is the case. Lining up a sitter now will give peace of mind knowing that the pet will be well cared for while away.

Schedules get Tight

The closer you get to the holidays, the tighter availability is going to be. The selection can become limited for both kennels and in-home options. This is why it is important to take care of this early while there are still some openings. Some facilities may raise their rates over the holidays, so booking sooner rather than later can save some money.

Make Sure the Pet is Comfortable

A boarding facility can be intimidating for a dog or cat. The facilities and people who work there are unfamiliar. This can lead to anxiety and sometimes the pet won’t even eat their food. A reputable facility will let the pet get familiar with the lay of the land and those who will be involved in their care before the big day.

Whatever the situation, a day trip to visit family or simply needing a dog walker charlotte nc or an extended visit out of town, Queen City Petsitting has something for everyone. This takes the stress out of the holidays, simply knowing that the pet is getting one on one attention and love makes a huge difference and alleviates some of the holiday stress.