Charlotte High School

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

"The First and Finest"

It is my pleasure to have you and your family joining one of the best NJROTC units in the state of Florida. We are honored to have you as part of our program for the 2020-2021 school year. This year has all of the ingredients to be OUTSTANDING. We have a highly motivated and talented staff team. All they need is your Commitment and Loyalty. With all of our returning talent and all of the new Cadets, we are sure to have another great year. We will do everything in our power to have a safe, fun, and enjoyable time in our unit. We will do our best to ensure that being a cadet in our program will make your next few years at Charlotte High School exciting and beneficial. We want nothing more than to help you prepare for the job or career of your dreams.

We have many different opportunities to get involved during your time here. We have Drill, PT, Orienteering, Academics and Air Rifle teams. All of our teams place very well at each event we partake in and that's due to your efforts. Cadets can get involved with Departments like Supply, Admin, Operations and Deck departments. We go to all sorts of fun events throughout the year and have many opportunities for you to help plan and execute events of your own. Our unit is very active in the community as we've completed over 8,000 community service hours in the past three years. Therefore, you have plenty of opportunity to get involved if you have the desire. This is our community and we will help out in any way we can. Don't forget, the hours you earn by doing these community service events add up and help earn a Bright Futures Scholarship and more importantly, it should give you the feeling of Pride and Accomplishment. We will participate in over 100 events throughout the year so I strongly recommend getting engaged as much as possible. If you find yourself at home playing video games every weekend, know that we have something you could be doing to improve yourself and your unit.

This unit is a family and we expect you all to embrace that. We won't always get along but we will always come together in the end and resolve any issues that we may have had. We are always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Please look out for your shipmate's and never hesitate to ask for assistance as that's why myself, Chief Williams, Major Rankin and your Cadet Staff are here. Make no mistake about it, we are here to support you and your growth in the program. This will require that you give us your best effort at all times. Each cadet is here not only to improve themselves but to improve the unit as a whole and earn the respect of their fellow cadets.

I sincerely hope that every one of you enjoy this program and learn something new every day. At the end of your time in the program regardless of how long that is, we can only hope that you represent CHS NJROTC as proudly and professionally as possible. I look forward to another successful year I hope you do too.

-Very Respectfully-

Major Rankin

Chief Williams

Our 2020 Comp team

Created by - Chief Petty Officer Scott Williams (USN Ret.) and C/PO1 Paul Aponte

2020-2021 School year


C/SCPO Lieberman

C/ENS Sifrit