Local Support

Down Syndrome Support Organizations

East Bay

Become a member here:


The DSCBA has an office in Danville. You can visit them at:

101-J Town and Country Drive

Danville, CA 94526


Phone 925-362-8660

Fax 925-362-8663


Instagram: @dscba

The Down Syndrome Connection is passionate and dedicated to encouraging the unlimited potential in children and adults with Down syndrome throughout the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. Our mission is to empower, inspire and support people with Down syndrome, their families and the community that serves them, while fostering awareness and acceptance in all areas of life.

They pride themselves on developing services that are in line with their members’ needs and continuously break down barriers to success by providing resources, technology and education through our direct services.

Their services include:

  • Down Syndrome Education Alliance
  • Expression Connection and Communication Readiness Programs
  • Peer Development Classes
  • Medical Outreach Alliance
  • Public policy outreach
  • Education advocacy
  • New parent outreach
  • Support groups
  • Music therapy groups

South Bay

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SVDSN c/o Valley Medical Center Foundation

2400 Clove Drive

San Jose, Ca 95128

Contact: Bill O’Dea Phone: 650-690-2321

Email: info@svdsn.org

Silicon Valley Down Syndrome Network (SVDSN), a community-based Down syndrome association, is a network of individuals, families, friends, and communities dedicated to improving the lives of persons with Down syndrome living in the South Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, and City of San Francisco regions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 1976, their primary focus is parent-to-parent support. SVDSN focuses on empowering parents, self -advocates, families, caregivers, and communities by hosting and subsidizing a variety of workshops and inclusive activities.

SVDSN supports the whole family

Their services include:

  • Community-building programming
  • Social events
  • On-line forums
  • Resource libraries
  • New parent support
  • Community education and outreach

SVDSN is an all- volunteer organization supporting the growth of all individuals.

“Advocating for Acceptance & Inclusion since 1976”

Central Valley

The Brighterside of Down Syndrome of San Joaquin County

Become a member here: http://www.tbods.org


Phone (209) 910-4231

Email info@tbods.org

Facebook: The Brighterside Of Down Syndrome

TBODS mission is to enhance the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families. They promote awareness, understanding and acceptance of Down syndrome in California’s Central Valley. They connect families, educate and empower advocates, celebrate their children’s achievements and bright futures together.

Life is great on The Brighterside!

Their services include:

  • Social events
  • New parent support
  • Community education and outreach

Family Resource Navigators

Family Resource Navigators (“FRN”) provides free education, support and advocacy to over 2000 families each year with children or youth with disabilities or special health care needs in Alameda County.

They are physically located at 291 Estudillo Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 (the same location as the Regional Center of the East Bay). They also provider support and services remotely


Phone: 510-547-7322

Address: 291 Estudillo Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577

E-mail: info@familyresourcenavigators.org

BART: San Leandro BART station

Center for Independent Living

The Center for Independent Living (CIL) is a community-based organization that increases awareness, collaboration, and opportunity among people with disabilities and the community at large

Some of its programs are free, while others are vendorized by the Regional Center

Contact: Catherine Callahan

Program Coordinator



Services offered include:

  • Mobility training
  • Attendant referral
  • Benefits cousneling
  • Housing referral
  • Employment services

Sports and Recreation Program

Sports and Recreation Program offers adaptive sports and recreation activities for both youth and adults. Through reverse integration, both disabled and non-disabled participants are able to play on a common field.

Sports Specific practices

Classes and workshops offered throughout the year at the Berkeley and Alameda sites

Classes include art, media, discussion groups, and more!

Sports specific clinics


Athletes of all abilities and skill level are welcome

For information, please contact sportsnrec@thecil.org

510-841-4776 ext 3127

Community Connections (CoCo) Program

The community connections program offers transit instruction by and for people with disabilities via 1 on 1 and group travel coaching. This includes transit app and trip planning tutorials. The program is free

With the CIL’s Community Connections team, you will gain the ability to:

- Master specific routes of your choice

- Access AC Transit and BART

- Safely navigate new environments

- Plan trips using technology

- Learn to use a mobility device

- Travel through all kinds of weather

- Travel with peers to events such as SF MOMA, Golden Gate Park, or an Oakland A’s game!

For more information, contact CoCo@thecil.org or 510-841-4776

Youth Transition Program

The CIL’s Youth Transition Program is based on the Five Pathways to Independence and is meant to help students with disabilities be successful with their transition into post-secondary life

Pathway #1 Self Advocacy Courses for Beginners

Pathway #2 Self Advocacy Courses for Intermediate Learners and Jobseekers

Pathway #3 Adaptive Sports and Recreation

Pathway #4 Independent Living Skills Workshops

Pathway #5 Academic Enrichment Activities

Any qualifying youth can register to take a summer bootcamp or participate in our ongoing youth activities base on the Five Pathways. Students are invited to mix and match activities from the Five Pathways to create a unique program that is based on their individual needs. Courses and workshops will be provided throughout the academic year and bootcamps will be offered for the summer


Youth with disabilities between the ages 14-24


Courses and workshops take place in Berkeley and Alameda

For more information, please contact YouthTransitions@thecil.org or call 510-841-4776 ext 3137

Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive technology is any assistive, adaptive, or rehabilitation device for people with disabilities. The CIL”s AT program provides consulting, product demonstration (both 1 on 1 and group settings), and workshops for any person with a disability seeking any device that will assist them with their day to day activities

Services include:

Consulting: work with our specialists to find the product that would best assist you daily. Consultation scan be scheduled in person, by phone, or by email

Product demonstration: learn, test, and play with a technological device before you purchase. Demos are led by product experts and can be either 1 on 1 or group setting

Workshops: Stay up to date with the latest devices. Explore how AT allows you to engage in the fast-changing tech community

Peer discussion groups: Discover which features of your device work best for you in order to optimize user experience with day to day AT users

Basic eligibility Any person with a disability wishing to learn more about AT devices

For more information, please contact: AssistiveTechnology@thecil.org or call 510-841-4776 ext 3107