Brett A. Chapman is a highly experienced Oklahoma attorney possessing comprehensive knowledge of Oklahoma law. He practices across Oklahoma and focuses predominately on criminal defense and divorce litigation in state and municipal courts.

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Brett Chapman is an experienced trial attorney who earned his extensive experience in criminal law during the course of his seven-year career in the District Attorney’s Office where he prosecuted every type of criminal case possible, from misdemeanors to homicides. He has earned many accomplishments during his career in criminal law that make him well suited to defend you. As an Assistant District Attorney, he prosecuted multiple high-profile homicide cases featured on the news. He also successfully changed Oklahoma’s DUI case law as a prosecutor in 2015 by advocating for the change in a comprehensive legal briefing which persuaded the state's highest appellate court to change the law.

Mr. Chapman's intricate knowledge of DUI law is evident in courtroom transcripts opposing some of Oklahoma's most knowledgeable DUI attorneys as well as written motions. Mr. Chapman's strong command of all aspects of the criminal justice system is most evident in the many cases he prosecuted which made headlines:

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After Mr. Chapman left the District Attorney’s Office, he became a defense attorney for the Union Pacific Railroad Company and the BNSF Railway Company. He defended these distinguished Fortune 500 companies in complex wrongful death cases with potential liability in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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