Chapin Pre-AP/Advanced Placement/Dual Credit/OnRamps Resources

Welcome to our Advanced Academics Resource Website.

Summer reading assignments are posted here and also on specific teacher websites. Students with Pre-AP, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment classes understand that they are signing up for challenging, engaging coursework that will build a strong foundation for pre-collegiate and collegiate success.

These assignments are designed to provide students necessary background knowledge as well as create common topics for critical reading, writing, and discussion. Assignment deadlines are posted either on the teacher site, and/or within the downloadable files. Please email the teachers regarding content specific questions.

Announcements about summer reading assignments will be posted here and on the main site. Please also click on the course tabs at the top.

Expect distinguishing assignments in all of Chapin's advanced academic classes.

For the 2021-22 school year there are summer assignments for

English Literature AP (12)

Please continue to refer to all your teachers' websites for updates throughout the year.

Have a great year! (Return to Chapin's main website)