Chaos Dragon Boat Club is a competitive dragon boat crew based at the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club. This coming year will mark our 18th season. We train together 8 months of the year and compete in 5 to 8 events each season.

Our goals are simple: work hard; race fast; have fun.

This is recreation, so if it isn't fun, we don't see the point. We’re a team with a wide range of backgrounds, and we definitely enjoy the social aspects of the sport.

However, we've found we have the most fun when we're training hard and competing well. Doing that requires constant effort to get more out of the time and ability we have in the boat. We ask each individual to strive for the small personal gains in fitness, focus, and technique, that, multiplied by 20, adds up to a better result.

Chaos benefits from stable leadership, experienced coaching, and a dedicated core, and we are best defined by our positive, supportive approach and unreasonable optimism. We make sure our paddlers get the guidance and encouragement they need to be better paddlers.

The Chaos crew is open to inquiries from experienced paddlers seeking a competitive program with a positive approach. Our winter program includes personalized fitness goals, and we set competitive goals for the team. If you have paddling experience, fitness and a little bit of a pack mule’s disposition, we're probably a good fit for you.

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