Off-Season Point System

To create additional incentives this off-season, we have established scoring criteria to help guide our players' off-season efforts.

The concept is simple: do right and earn points. Outside of losing points for negative behaviors, this system is based almost entirely on rewarding positive behaviors, not punishing negative behaviors. A number of players have provided feedback regarding incentives/rewards. The most frequently identified incentive was the selection of equipment and jersey numbers; therefore, among other rewards and recognition throughout the off-season, the top point earners will have the first choice of equipment and jerseys numbers.

Although equipment will be distributed for camps, there will be plenty of opportunities to rise (or fall) on the leaderboard between equipment issue and jersey selection.

Athletes will earn points for their performance and dedication in a number of areas that relate to strength and conditioning, behavior/leadership within the program and in school.

Criteria for Earning Points

Strength and Conditioning

  • Take and successfully complete Personal Fitness
      • 100 points based on teacher evaluation of performance and effort throughout the year.
  • Attend Workouts
      • 1 point per workout: up to 86 from January 2-July 19
  • The week of May 28 we will conduct spring testing in the weight room. To qualify for points, maxes must be performed during this window and under the supervision of the football staff (after school, Personal Fitness, or Charger Time). Athletes will earn 1 point per pound lifted:
      • Squat
      • Bench
      • Hang Clean
      • Push Press
      • Pull-Ups (1 point per completed)
  • Meet the benchmarks for tested lifts. 30 Bonus points for reaching each of the following milestones:
      • Squat 315
      • Bench 225
      • Hang Clean 200
      • Push Press 185
      • Pull-Ups 15 consecutive reps
  • Exceed the benchmarks.
      • An additional 10 points for every 10 pounds over the benchmarks.

Leadership Meetings

  • Attend and participate in the leadership meetings.
      • 10 points per meeting.


  • Participate in CHS Winter and/or Spring Sport. Points are earned upon the successful completion of the season.
      • 10 points for a completed varsity season.
      • 5 points for a completed sub-varsity season.

Green Days, Camps, 7v7

  • Participate in passing league.
      • 5 points per night: up to 35 possible
  • Participate in camps. Combo Camp is June 11, 12, 13, 14. Team Camp is July 9, 10, 11, 12
      • 5 points per day: up to 40 possible
  • Participate in green days.
      • 5 points per day: TBD


  • Earn an “A” as a final grade for the course.
      • 5 points per A earned: up to 35 possible

Criteria For Losing Points


  • Negative report from a member of the faculty or staff.
      • 1st report: -15 points
      • 2nd report: -25 points
      • 3rd report: -35 points
      • 4th report: -100 points
  • In-School Suspension
      • -100 points
  • Out-of-School Suspension
      • -200 points


  • Earn a “D” or “F” as a final grade for a course.
      • -50 points per D
      • -100 points per F