What is this page?

I have run the Denver Weather Prediction website and Facebook page for a few years now and have enjoyed the interaction that I've been able to have with everyone. However, in the last year I have diversified a bit and have developed projects that can't fall under the "Colorado Weather" umbrella (pun intended). So, it is with great excitement that I have launched the Changing Snow website that will serve as a hub for information on the Weather Fundamentals Series that will include webinars/videos about the atmosphere and basic forecasting principles, my PhD project called the Trees Effect on Snowpack Energetics Experiment (TESEE), and will serve as a location for various thoughts and ramblings about things related to the atmosphere and science.

A significant portion of this website will be based in winter weather since it's my primary research area and focus, hence the name "Changing Snow". However, severe storms will be posted here as well from time to time. It's kind of a weather catch-all page, but with a small focus on winter weather.