Champion Preschool

Kids Play More -n- Learn More 408-973-8696 School Bus Service Available from Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and West San Jose


A Child'd Safety and Happiness are of Paramount Importance

    • Well-prepared, caring and dedicated teachers

    • Children are under teacher supervision every moment

    • A parent is informed the moment the staff realizes a child is not feeling well

    • Excellent track record


Kids learn More in Less Time

    • 60% - 80% of the time is devoted to social, creative and fun activities

    • Small Class Size

    • Free 1:1 Help

    • Individualization / Customization of curriculum based on individual child's progress

    • Focus is on maximizing learning and happiness


A typical student's academic progress is likely in the top 0.1% in the US

    • Reading

      • Phonics

      • Letter and sound recognition

      • Blending Simple and Complex Words

      • ~50%-7%% of the kids are able to read 2nd grade level chapter books by the end of the Pre-K program

    • Math

      • Number recognition and representation

      • Counting

      • Single digit addition and subtraction

      • ~50%-7%% of the kids are able to able to master double digit addition and subtraction by the end of the Pre-K program

    • Writing

      • Fine motor skills development

      • Basic Shape tracing

      • Basic Alphabet tracing

      • ~50%-7%% of the kids are able to write complete sentences on 3 line sheets by the end of the Pre-K program

    • Science and geography

      • Themes of the month

      • Hands-on activities and art related to the themes

    • Art

      • Colors and Shapes recognition

      • Drawing and Painting

      • Puzzles

      • Playdough

      • Free art forms and crafts

    • Music and Movement

      • Singing and Dancing

      • Rhythm Instruction

      • Winter and Spring Program

Enabled by by unmatched level of 1-on-1 Help


Balance is The Key to Long-term Success and Happiness - 60% - 80% of the day is devoted to non-academic, social and creative activities

    • Strong Academic Development

    • Arts, Crafts, Music, Dance...

    • Structured Activities to Nurture Emotional and Social Skills Development

    • Structured Hands-on Play-based Learning Activities

    • Free Outdoor Play

    • Story Time

More Effective = More Learning & More Time for fun, social and creative activities


Conducive for Play, Exploration, Dance, Parties

    • Clean, Spacious and Secure Facility

    • High-quality and purposeful learning materials

    • 60% - 80% of the time is devoted to social, creative and fun activities

Introductory Preschool Discounts

    • 50% of the Difference

      • If you transfer from another childcare center or a preschool with a lower tuition, we will reduce our tuition by 50% of the difference or 10%, whichever is greater for the first school year.

    • 20% Financial Aid / Discount

      • If your family Income is less than $120,000 per year and your total assets are also less than $100,000.

    • 10% Financial Aid / Discount

      • Ff your Family Income is less than $150,000 per year and your total assets are also less than $120,000.

    • 10% Discount if you are employed at:

      • Netflix

      • E-bay

      • IBM

      • Apple

      • Google

      • Facebook

      • Cisco

      • Public Sector

    • 5% Referral Discount If:

      • If an other family joins Champion School thanks to your referral

      • No limit, 5% discount for each additional family. Can be combined with any other discount.

Note 1: None of these can be combined with each other or any other discounts, except for the referral discount.

Note2: These discount offers expire on July 10, 2022

Note 3: These discounts are only applicable for the 2022/2023

A Few Parent Comments

"This School is like a Mini-Harker"


"Wow, My 4 year old can read at the 2nd grade level"


"Great academics, truly stretches your child's ability without stressing them out. My preschooler learned more than I could hope for and she loved going to school everyday. "


"Even more than academics, we appreciate all of the caring and nurturing they provide to our daughter"


"...we were looking for a good pre-school for our 2.5 year old kid. We visited at least 10 different schools before we zeroed in on Champion. Champion School provides high academics in a very friendly environment with a positive disciplinary method. "


" we felt the staff was very caring and compassionate which was very important for us at that age (preschool)....She enjoys learning here and look forward to going to school everyday. "


"I wish we had found this school when our older daughter was younger. There is no other school like this"


" My 5th grader is learning Algebra-I, without any stress."


"We are truly amazed and thankful for all of the 1on1 help Champion provides our kids"


"For a small school, it is truly amazing how many opportunities Champion offers my son to develop important life skills such as Public Speaking, Debate, Performing Arts, Sports..."


"My 5th grader has become extremely inquisitive and aware of the world that we live in. The debate program really inculcates critical / creative thinking skills necessary in the 21st Century. There is nothing like this anywhere else"


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