Chalus Road

Why Chalus Road?

  • River, mountain, forest, cave, lake, dam and village, a selection and overall sightseeing.
  • One of the most beautiful roads in Iran.
  • One of the main axes is to reach the north of Iran.
  • The fantastic scenery and unique nature of the path make it a great journey.
  • The most popular inter-city road in Iran is considered.
  • This road is one of the main destinations of tourism in the province of Alborz and Mazandaran.

About Chalus Road

Chalus road or Road 59, which is most famously known as the Chalus road, starts from the city of Karaj in the province of Alborz and ends in the city of Chalus in Mazandaran. There are various narratives about the exceptional and eye-catching of this route and its global rank. Some see this road as the most beautiful road in the world, and in another it is considered the fourth most beautiful road in the world.

The verbal and legendary words of some of the old people tell us about the way that this road was constructed, which encouraged workers to dig the tunnel in the heart of the mountain with a five-rial coin that was very valuable at that time, and even For each stroke and stone splitting, they immediately paid the royalties.

Among the many spectacular views of this dream road, which we'll cover in the next section, there are a number of specific places where, as soon as they hear their names, Immediately the good memories of the road come to our minds. Attractions that bring nostalgic sense of travel to the north bring you to a world full of good memories. The small and large restaurants of the beginning of the route, the Amir Kabir dam with its magnificent and attractive view, the lily garden of Gachsar, the Beautiful Dizin Ski Resort, the memorable tunnel of Kandovan, the foggy Siahbishe, 264/5000 The endless winding roads of HezarCham and the lovely and beautiful city. Marzanabad is one of the landmarks.

Amir Kabir Dam in Chalus road

Amir Kabir Dam or Karaj Dam is one of the first signs of the route. You can stop at the dam or have the opportunity to enjoy fishing in the pleasant and quiet area of the dam or enjoy a short boat trip on the dam lake, you can visit the beautiful village of Varian on the other side of the lake.

Ski Dizin International Pist

In addition to several famous peaks for mountaineering, you can experience the attractive and sporty entertainment of the ski resort Dizin, 75 km from the city of Karaj. This track has 3 trackside tracks, two trapezium tracks, 23 ski trails and 7 trap ski trails and a hammer trail and a lawn trap. There are tennis courts, volleyball courts, and children's playgrounds and horse riding. You can go to Dizin from two paths of Shemshak and chalus Road. If you arrive from Karaj on the chalus road, you can go 65 km from Karaj and from Gücker instead of going north to Delkouh and on the side of the village of Valerud. After the village of Volyrood and behind several residential complexes, the ski resort of Dizin arrived.

Gachsar Tulip garden

One of the most spectacular Chalus road is the Laleh Garmab Garden, which is mistakenly known among the people as the garden of Laleh Gachsar. This garden is located 54 km from Karaj Chalus Road and it has various types of tulip. The date of its construction dates back to 1360. Every year, many tourists visit this 10,000-meter garden and its beautiful flowers. Every year, in mid-May, the Laleh Gardens open for free for two weeks for tourists.

Chalus Kandovan Tunnel

The Kandovan tunnel, the most famous Iranian tunnel with the various stories and legends about it, is one of the tallest and most cold parts of the route. Here, besides the Kandovan tunnel, there are popularity among the people for the many pottage shops near the tunnel.

Pottage shops with a hot pottage and hearty weather on the cool road, it multiplies the pleasure of travel and makes you happy memories. The end of the chalus road reaches the city of chalus and the Caspian coast.

You can enjoy the warm Caspian Sea in Chalus, a few minutes' walk from the beach. The "Radiodoria" beach, five kilometers from chalus, is one of the most famous beaches near the city. In these coastal areas, there are amenities such as alder, forest park, well-groomed swimming pools, children's playgrounds and a variety of shops and rental suites.