Dear friends worldwide!

As stART international-team we want to answer the Covid 19 pandemy following the main principle of homeopathy: Treat likes by likes. Therefore we initiate a worldwide Social Art Program:


This program includes 4 different Social Art Projects,

1. LIFE IS PRECIOUS (Rita Eckart

2. 40 DAYS IN CHALLENGING TIMES (Katrin Sauerland


4. A Word A Day In Challenging Times (Franziska Schmidt von Nell

We invite you to overcome isolation, fear and anxiety by artistic self-stabilisation with a project-description in more than 10 different languages (Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Hungarian and Hebrew) .

With the following link you can download all necessary information and register:

Some translations may only be available within the next few days, but they will follow!

You are allowed and welcome! to hand this information on to others!

Prior knowledge is not needed!

Everybody is invited and welcome to join all over the world!

Let’s stART „infecting“ each other through Art and help strengthening our healing forces!

Let’s overcome isolation and fear through creative meditation practice!

with our warmest greetings

the project managers

Rita Eckart, Katrin Sauerland, Nicoletta Artuso, Franziska Schmidt von Nell

and the board of stART international e.V. emergency aid for children

Myrtha Faltin, Barbara Schiller and Francesco Zoccarato