Sweet & Savory


Gujarati snack mix with rice flakes, potato crisps, lentils and nuts. Have it as is, or the traditional way as a tea time snack!


The "Chakri" are golden brown, crunchy spirals made from gram flour, wheat flour, sesame seeds and spices. These cookies have a hard bite, they are crunchy and savory!

Badam Pak (Almond Squares)

A South Indian delicacy! "Badam Pak" (Almond Squares) is a sweet dessert loaded with ghee, sugar, crushed almonds and sprinkled with elaichi (cardamom). Heavenly!

Monthar (Gram Flour Fudge)

Monthar is a traditional Gujarati recipe for a gram flour fudge that is made with a touch of cardamom and topped with sliced almonds.

Sev Pak (Vermicelli Bars)

A yummy dessert made from Seviyan (vermicelli). Sweet and crunchy bite sized vermicelli bars with coconut and pistachios!


Pera is a sweet from the Indian subcontinent, usually prepared in thick, semi-soft pieces. The main ingredients are khoa (milk product), sugar and traditional flavourings, including cardamom, pistachio nuts and saffron.