East African Biriyani (Beef)

Boneless meat (halal) marinated and cooked very slowly with exotic spices as a thick curry. Served over long grain basmati rice flavoured with saffron. The floral aroma is worth every bite!

Karahi (Chicken or Beef)

Chicken sauteed in Karahi (wok) with an aromatic mixture of herbs and spices. The hallmark of Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

East African Kalyo (Chicken or Beef)

A rich creamy curry with a hint of saffron and garam masala.

Kuku Paka (Chicken)

Chicken curry in creamy coconut sauce served with rice. Indian and African influenced and also known as "kuku na nazi"

Kofta (Meatball) Curry

Kofta Curry is a very common dish in East Africa. A delicious curry made up of minced beef meat balls with a generous amount of Indian spices and cooked in a creamy onion-tomato based gravy.

Pilau (Chicken, Beef or Vegetable)

This intensely fragrant rice dish is cooked in a stock with aromatic spices! Eaten commonly all over East Africa.

Khichdo/Haleem (beef, chicken or veg)

A thick, yummy and filling dish that is made up of a variety of lentils and wheat slow cooked to perfection.


A wholesome dish with lots of vegetables, meat and millet dumplings in coconut cream.

Vagharalo Mogo

Cassava cooked with tempered spices.

Naryal Vaaro Mogo

Cassava in coconut cream.

Barazi with Mandazi

Pigeon peas in coconut cream served with our famous homemade swahili bun (Mandazi).

Beef Ribs

AAA Grade Ribs marinated in Chakula Hut's in-house marinade and then grilled to perfection!

Beef Mishkaki

A famous East African BBQ meat delicacy. Cubes of steak are flavoured with Chakula Hut's in-house marinade, then skewered and grilled until tender. The result is succulent, moist and delicious barbecued meat morsels.


A rich and aromatic sweet starter that is made from bulgur wheat, a healthy grain. Moist and soft, the old-fashioned lapsi, oozes with the richness of the desi ghee cooked with nuts & raisins.

Mithi Sev (Sweet Vermicelli)

A sweet dessert made from whole wheat vermicelli, ghee, milk, raisins and sugar. A great side dish or dessert to be enjoyed with a cup of chai!