Bitings & Sides

Chakula Hut offers an amazing selection of mouth-watering & tasteful appetizers, and it's all made in house!

Grill & Tandoor

Tandoor refers to a burning clay oven that remains lit for long periods of time to maintain a high cooking temperature. Our in-house marinade is used to season the meat for a minimum of 12 hours and then it's grilled to perfection.

Traditional Curries

Chakula Hut offers an excellent variety of complete homemade meal options prepared fresh daily, with no preservatives. All spices are roasted and freshly ground to release the aroma and flavour. Served with rice or chapati!

Halal, Veg/Vegan & gluten-free options available!

Sweet Savory Snacks

Chakula Hut offers a variety of fresh, great tasting sweet & savory snacks prepared in-house for any occasion! Chevro, Nankhatai, Fafra, Thepla and much, much more! A selection of Mithai is also available.