CG Makerspace

Want to experience the new wave of hands-on learning?

Room 204 CG Makerspace!

In the spirit of a the growing Maker Mindset in education, come visit Common Grounds dedicated Maker room. Teachers, students and even administrators demonstrate hands-on maker ideas to integrate into students’ daily learning.

High-Tech, Low-Tech, or High-Low Tech! Watch with amazement or amaze yourself with a “Make-and-Take” activity.

Kids teaching kids, kids teaching teachers, experts teaching us all, face to face or virtually!

E-Textiles; Origami controlled by with microcontrollers; Coding to tell microcontrollers how to control things; Green Screens; Sound engineering; Build your own calipers with Legos; Rubik’s Cube solving robot; robotic toothbrush bug-making; learn to solder; use origami, kirigami, and paper circuits to make your own interactive book, painting with light; and more.

Check our projects page for details!