CFT and Holography in Dublin

Description of the workshop

Topics include

  • using modern CFT techniques to understand fundamentals of holography
  • quantum chaos from the CFT and holographic points of views
  • T Tbar deformation in CFTs and holography

Invited Speakers

Agnese Bissi (Uppsala)

Alejandra Castro (Amsterdam)

Miguel Costa (Porto)

Daniel Jafferis (Harvard)

David Kutasov (Chicago)

Hong Liu (MIT)

Eric Perlmutter (Caltech)

Julian Sonner (Geneva)

Massimo Taronna (Naples)

David Vegh (Queen Mary)


Program TBA. We are planning two two-hour talks (including a short break ) per day. The rest of the time will be devoted to informal discussions.


Registration is free but mandatory. Please email by April 15, 2020 to register.


The workshop is sponsored by HMI, Simons Foundation and Irish Research Council


Sergey Frolov, Manuela Kulaxizi, Gim Seng Ng, Andrei Parnachev, Joao Penedones