21 Day Clean Eating Challenge

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

July 10th -July 31st 2017

We all indulge in processed foods sometimes. However, nutrition is the most important part of fitness and it is the element we all tend to neglect. We will bust our butts in the gym day after day and see some change and some improvement, but why only some? We need to get the nutrition piece taken care of. CrossFit Traverse is offering a 21-day Nutrition Challenge and encourage all members to take part and participate.

This challenge is not about weight loss, it’s about improving how you look, feel and perform. If you commit to adhering to the challenge, you will see positive changes in different aspects of your health and fitness. Your body composition will change and you will see an improvement in your performance. Your overall mood will likely improve. You will be stronger, have more endurance, and have more energy in general. We hope that by participating in this challenge you will walk away with the tools and knowledge to create a permanent lifestyle change in your eating habits just as CrossFit has done for you and your fitness habits.