CFM groups are parish based groups of sacramentally married couples. Their aim is to help married couples and their families deepen and strengthen their Christian faith, thus becoming more and more committed in living out their Christian vocation in the world.

CFM groups all over the world use the well known "Observe – Judge – Act" method of Card. Josef Cardijn:
Observe – personal experiences
Judge – evaluating issues, questions or problems in the light of the Gospel
Act – commitments for action.

Belonging to groups yields wonderful fruits. Married couples grow as committed Christians, their faith gets deeper. Marriages improve, deepen, get stronger; family life is happier. Permanent friendships are formed between married couples. The presence of family groups strengthens parish communities and couples find their place in society more easily and more consciously.

The transforming experience of the Original Marriage Encounter and the other FIRES Encounters (see here) such as those of Engaged Couples, Sons and Daughters, Family, etc. constitute valuable instruments of the CFM for the formation of its own members and of other married couples, who may be encouraged to join the CFM and form new groups after this special experience.

The Christian Family Movement of Europe is part of the International Confederation of Christian Family Movements.